The other night as I left London escorts to go home, I stopped in my tracks for a moment when I noticed an insect on the floor. It seemed to stop and look at me as well. To my shock and horror, I noticed that it was a cockroach. A couple of the girls I work with at cheap escorts had said that they had seen cockroaches, but I have to admit that I had not believed them. Surely, we did not have cockroaches in London? The next night I saw another one and that made me realised that we have cockroaches living in London.

Unfortunately, that is not the only bug we have in London. Since the temperature has started to go up in cities around the world, the bug invasion has started. One of the girls at another London escorts agency told me that a top hotel in London had to shut down because of bed bugs. I made a hasty mental note and decided that I would not visit the hotel on a London escorts outcall. Bed bugs were the last thing I wanted to bring home with me to my London flat.

As bed bugs weren’t enough. I heard from another girl from a rival London escorts agency that she had to move out of her flat because of termites. It was kind of scary. She did not even live in an old apartment block. It turned out that termites often catch a ride with fruits and vegetables we buy in the supermarket. It can happen to any supermarket. The next day when I had finished my London escorts shift, I decided that I would go through my place with a fine tooth comb. Fortunately. I did not find anything.

The other insect you can find in London are spiders. Of course we have our own native spiders in Great Britain. However, in the last few years, other alien species of spiders have taken up residency in London. I was really shocked when I found out that we even have dangerous species of spiders living in London. Like most other London escorts, I am not keen on spiders. I don’t scream but I certainly make sure that I get rid of any spider as soon as possible.

What is happening with all of these insects? I thought that the local London councils were supposed to tackle any pest control problems. However, it seems that even some London boroughs are not sure what to do. I am not the sort of girl to count insects, but I have to admit that on my way to start my London escorts shift, I do look out for them. There are probably more creepy crawlies than we may realise in London. Most of the time we do live in harmony with them, but there are occasions when we run into bugs that we don’t really want to meet.

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