Here are some nice things my wonderful clients have said about me. To see the quotes, mouse over their names and a box will pop up. It works best if you move your cursor down the left side of the names, and they'll come up one by one as you move down the list. I know this because I've practiced it a lot. I like to look at this page when I need a little pick me up.

  • Dennis Bloxham, Owner, Bloxham's Shell

  • "I bless the day I discovered Katherine. I have been at my business since 1971 and am tired. Wife wants to do some traveling so, I lucked out and found someone to do my Payroll. Now rather than being here to do that twice a month, I have Katherine do it and it is so great, I wish I had done it years ago."
  • Nancy Lee, Bookkeeper,

    Gypsy and Loic

  • "When Katherine came into our office our books were a mess. We are a growing company but we never knew where our money was. It was like a tangled mass of spaghetti. We didn’t want to hire another bookkeeper, so we asked her to train me. I was completely overwhelmed and intimidated by Quickbooks. Katherine started at the beginning slowly unraveling the knots. She calmly led me through the steps of bill paying to bank reconciliations, taxes, 1099’s and everything in between. Her instruction is accurate and thorough. She is patient and never condescending when I forget something. She often reminds me that she can be contacted via email with questions as they come up. She always makes time to stop by when there’s a ‘crisis’. I feel like I have a handle on things now, and in large part that’s because I know I have Katherine in my corner whenever I need her. I highly recommend her both for her calm manner and the thoroughness of her knowledge of bookkeeping. She’s awesome!"
  • David Harris, Finance Committee Chair,

    Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

  • "Katherine rescued us from a disastrous computer breakdown that found us without any digitized data, past or present. She used printed legacy reports to reconstruct, reorganize, and recover our financial statements. She set us up with QuickBooks Online and in a very short time we can now boast of a sleek, efficient, accurate, and useful accounting system. In addition, she has displayed extraordinary patience and sensitivity to our non-professional, volunteer staff. We were very lucky to find Katherine."
  • Len Mayer, General Manager,

    Jessicurl, LLC

  • "Katherine Almy is a terrific part of our team here at Jessicurl. We are a small but growing business and Katherine adds flexible capacity to our financial team. She has the skills and experience to accomplish any of the finance related projects we have asked her to tackle. I would be happy to recommend her services to any organization which needs extra capacity with their accounting functions."
  • Kevin Hoover, Editor,

    Mad River Union

  • "One day we woke up and realized that our books were a complete and utter shambles and we were all going to die. Katherine took the boxes of paperwork confetti we handed her and systematically organized everything, helped us power through all the problems, set up sensible routines for us to manage our finances, identified ways to recover lost revenue and brought us back from the brink of doom, restoring our business to financial health."
  • Marianne and Bob Morse, Owners,

    Morse Media

  • "Katherine was recommended to us by a longtime favorite bookkeeper who retired. We were skeptical at first as she has a different style, but she's proven herself time and time again as someone who is doggedly solution oriented. We so much enjoy not having to worry about this end of the business and we really like the flexibility she's demonstrated by doing remote work in our QB account. We highly recommend her!"
  • Bruce LeBel, President and CEO,

    ProStar Software

  • "ProStar Software is a rather complex small business with some unique requirements. Our customers are larger manufacturing and distribution companies around the world. Katherine takes care of our accounts payable and multi-state payroll processing and she makes them easy! Katherine helps us to keep our books as clear as a bell and as clean as a whistle, which is imperative to ProStar’s current goal of new capital investment. When our CPA prepares our annual tax return there are few if any questions regarding our bookkeeping or payroll due to Katherine’s professional and diligent work. Katherine has excellent knowledge of business accounting and payroll concepts and practice, and consistently demonstrates first-rate capabilities with Quickbooks. We all appreciate having Katherine on our team!"
  • Tom Pagano, CEO,

    Tomaso's Specialty Foods

  • "Katherine has been working with my corporation, Tomaso's Specialty Foods Inc., for over 5 years. She works in our Quickbooks program and is well versed in other programs necessary in running a small business as well. I am always amazed how she seamlessly transforms from one of her other clients to our bookkeeping requirements. Katherine is honest and obsessive about balancing our accounts. I am lucky to have her services."
  • Willie, My Dog

  • "Katherine Almy is the best human being in the world, and so is anyone else who will throw a ball for me!"

    Phone: 707-267-7923

    Email: katherine@katherinealmy.com